Health Shaming

Health shaming, fat shaming, can we please just stop shaming each other.

Making someone feel ashamed and embarrassed because they’re unhealthy is cruel, fat shaming has being brought to our attention a lot in the media over the last few years, it’s still not perfect but we moving into a world where curves are celebrated.

Gone are the unrealistically skinny manikins in shops, “strong is the new skinny” and the fitness trend is ever growing. As people become more conscious about their health others have found a new way to ridicule. Health shaming is a thing and I’ve had it directed at me.

A week doesn’t go by when someone doesn’t say to me, ‘ooooooooooo someone’s being healthy – you’re showing us all up’. Quite frankly I’m sick of people commenting on what I’m eating as if what I’m eating is a bad. If people feel guilty about their own choices I’d rather they didn’t deflect it on me. I shouldn’t be made to feel ashamed for wanting to eat the thing that make me happy.

I’m a bit of a cheapskate, I’d rather bring my lunch to work every day then spend in excess of £6 a day buying something pre-prepared from the shop. I also like to prepare my own food so I know exactly what’s in it.  I like variety in my life and making my own lunch means I can have something exciting every day.

I’m not on a diet; I know the food that my body needs to get me through the day feeling at my best. I guess the food I eat is healthy, but that’s the way I’ve always eaten. A balanced diet for me, is the key to happy day, full of energy and free from colds and sickness.

If you like to eat cheesy chip for lunch and be first in the queue for birthday cake in the office that is fine. I have never once walked up to someone and said ‘Oi fatty, you realise that full of sugar and fat you better hit the gym later.’

We’re free to make our own choices, but shaming each other for them makes none of us happy. Thankfully I don’t allow the hurtful health shaming comments direct my way sour the taste of my delicious salad.


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