Reclaim Your Lunch Break

I don’t know about you but I’ve never worked anywhere that had a canteen. Apparently just over half of all workplaces now have an onsite canteen compared with 80 percent 20 years ago. This shift means more and more of us are dining al desko and taking little or no break from our work, perhaps pausing only to check the latest headlines or flicking between our work and Facebook.

The whole process of eating lunch during the working week has become one that is functional and quick, the recent outcry following the changes to the Sainsbury’s meal deal indicates that many people rely on pre-prepared convenience food that can be consumed with no preparation from where ever you are. Sacrificing our lunch can have a detrimental effect on our health and well-being.

Firstly and probably most basically food fuels our brains. Our brains predominantly take fuel from carbohydrates although there’s significant benefit to having a balanced meal including protein and fat. After a good meal you should find concentration and memory much improved.

Performance at work can be greatly improved from taking a step away from technology. Taking a break and taking in some nature improves creative thinking, and disconnecting from social media and emails can reduce stress.

Socializing with colleagues away from doing work could just just help you get ahead in the office. You can forge great personal friendships as well as networking with people from other departments you might not otherwise interact with.

On Friday I took myself away from my desk at lunch time and took myself off on a walk around Manchester city centre. There’s loads of great stuff going on in the city this weekend (27th – 29th January) for Chinese New Year. I thought I was going to miss it all because I’m away from the city this weekend but then I realised I could take in some of it in under an hour. I came back to my desk refreshed and ready to take on the afternoon.



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